Friday, October 26, 2012

Science all around us :)

We keep finding these little friends around school (and I am sure at home too). Mrs. Burmeister caught one and we learned that these are Box Elder Bugs - AND that they are completely harmless!

R is for Ryker's Rainbow

Ryker was VERY excited about the letter /r/ this week - and his RAINBOW shows it :) Sorry I could not flip the picture BEFORE posting his picture...

Say Cheese!

Why do we love preschool? Because at any given moment, we are surprised by the ideas that these munchkins come up with! Joey came up and took our picture with his homemade camera (made out of thistle blocks). Such fun!

Our new friend, Landon!

Rectangular Robots

What a fun project this was! We gave the students many different sizes of rectangles. With those rectangles, they had to create a robot whatever way they could. We had some very creative kiddos!

Working on writing the letter /r/